Productive Acceptance

When I was younger, I could waste a lot of energy fighting with people of the opposite views. I still do (sorry, mom and dad), but it makes less and less sense for me. I only get involved in disputes when I genuinely care and believe it will make some difference.

I also was annoyed by more things than nowadays. There were more of "good" and "bad," "right" and "wrong," "black" and "white." I had principles. I still have them, mainly because I'm too lazy to reflect on every situation individually. I wish I could be more diligent in this regard.

With time I learned to accept things as they are. I may disagree with them but accept their existence and the fact that I don't like them. It's not humility but a focus. I better save my energy to make an impact in more favorable situations. I have to think strategically.

I call it productive acceptance. It's the art of being calm regarding something you don't like. It's the opposite of the zealot's lifestyle. It's not about being indifferent, but about better attention management.

One could say I'm a conformist, and I'm okay with that label. In truth, I just stopped being an idealist. What is important to me is to be very direct and honest with myself. How do I feel about it? I may disagree with it, but I accept it; the world is not dichotomic.