Personality Plasticity

I lived for 1-3 months in some countries: United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Italy, Turkey, United States, and Thailand. Wow, I just realized that I lived over two years abroad.

I like to live slowly in other countries and experience that ordinary day without any exciting touristic activities. This way, I can learn about another culture and its people; I can absorb new knowledge and better understand myself.

In every country, I feel myself a different person, especially if I speak a local language. I change my habits, do other daily activities, and eat unusual food.

The ability to adapt and transform yourself quickly I call "personality plasticity."

Funny enough, the more plastic you are, the less you feel your identity. For example, I like many things about foreign cultures and my native culture as well, but I can't say I'm 100% Russian in my heart. I often find a big difference between my views on some topic and other Russians' opinions, while with Americans, I can have more in common on that matter.

Identity doesn't mature by itself; it depends on the environment we live in and its people. You can learn yourself through your plasticity by experiencing the unknown and form your identity through that experience.

Your personality will become a combination of these many experiences. Choose wisely.