Learn From People Different Than You

It's common to consume content produced by people you agree with; this is called confirmation bias. We tend to interchange views and opinions within friendly communities of like-minded people.

While it's natural to do, consider adding the opposite or unusual views in the mix. Let me put it this way, when you read, listen, or watch something you agree with, you don't learn anything new—you already know it and nod with the sense of right.

Different perspectives cause disagreement, confusion, sneering, arrogance, and even anger. It mainly happens because we are prejudiced, and our default reaction is biased. But it's not always negative emotions; it can also be curiosity, respect, gratitude, astonishment, and admiration.

Perception of unfamiliar views is challenging but rewarding. You don't have to agree with them, but you should take an opportunity to learn from them. In many cases, breaking that informational bubble you sit in gives so many great insights. As a bonus, you'll become more calm and confident in your beliefs.

  • Perception of different views than yours and reflecting on them helps develop empathy and a much better sense of how things work.
  • Consider adding more opposite and unconventional content in your information feed.