Everything Is Communication

Recently I came up with a simple rule that everything we do is a way to communicate with others.

This idea popped up in my head while I was writing programming code. It seemed like I was producing instructions for a machine, but I was communicating concise code for maintainers of that codebase in reality. I wanted them to understand me and my implementation. All this automation with computers doesn't make any sense without humans understanding its importance and how it works.

Knowing this simple rule helps to see the world through a different, much more detailed perspective. You start seeing connections you have not noticed before. But to truly understand a broad diversity of "languages" people speak, you have to "configure" your "receiver." It takes ages to master each of the languages—that's why people understand each other so terribly.

You may notice that the most difficult person to communicate with is yourself. I suspect it's because of our deeply controversial pictures of who we are and who we want to be. We don't know ourselves very well, and our self-esteem is a broken communication channel between our rational and irrational personalities.

Learn to communicate. Use everything you can use: music, drawings, design, code, books, words, letters, poems, etc. Communicate with yourself and with others.